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April 2015 Newsletter

April Newsletter July 15, 2015
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Babineau T-Shirt Design Contest
Babineau T-Shirt Design Contest

First Annual Babineau T-Shirt Design Contest 

The Babineau crew needs your help designing a t-shirt for our team members to wear when we are out and about in Austin doing charity work, fun runs and team building events.

The winner will receive their choice of a free in office KOR Power Whitening session, a Sonicare power brush or your next cleaning on us, as well as bragging rights and a shirt of their own.

Winner will be determined on May 26, 2015 and contacted via email and phone.

Make it cute, make it sassy but above all keep it classy!

Please submit entries to scheduling@babineausmiles.com in a jpeg format.

Stem Cell Banking through Dentistry
Drs. John and Lori have partnered up with Vault Stem Cell to be able to be able to provide patients with the enormous benefits available from stem cell banking from dental pulp tissue.
That is right, teeth! As it turns out, dental pulp is an excellent source of mesenchymal stem cells. A great source of these cells come from teeth, in particular extracted deciduous teeth (baby
teeth), wisdom teeth (3rd molars) and bicuspid teeth commonly extracted for braces.Visit http://www.vaultstemcell.com/home/archives to read more about what this amazing technology is capable of.Through the end of May, any patient interested in banking stem cells from viable dental pulp will have the collection from our office waived. ($75 value).

Please call the office at 512-306-8900 with any questions or learn more on our website.

Dental Implant Package Special
Dental Implant Package SpecialIf you’ve discussed dental implants with Drs. John and Lori but have been putting off beginning treatment, we encourage you to take advantage of our first ever discounted implant package special, valid through 05/31/2015.

Please call our office with any questions or appointment requests.

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