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Teeth Whitening in Austin

Teeth Whitening in Austin

Rejuvenate your smile

Teeth Whitening in AustinYour smile is one of the first things others notice about you, and brighter teeth can help give you the confidence to smile more freely.

Our doctors offer a variety of teeth whitening options and will help you decide on the procedure that best suits your needs.

Whitening by a professional

Teeth Whitening in Austin

During a consultation you can learn how professional teeth whitening works.

While there are a number of teeth whitening products available at your local drug store, they simply aren’t as effective as professional whitening solutions. Over-the-counter brands aren’t as strong as professional solutions that can penetrate deep into the tooth enamel and effectively whiten even the toughest stains.

KöR in-office Teeth Whitening

The KöR deep bleaching system restores your teeth’s ability to absorb oxygen. Oxygen in the whitening gel is absorbed deeply into the tooth, dissolving large stain molecules and replacing them with small oxygen molecules.

KöR whitening trays are custom made from impressions of your teeth. They fit closely over your teeth to keep saliva from entering the trays and diluting the bleach, and to keep bleach from leaking onto sensitive gums. The trays are ultra-thin and are worn during sleep, so they don’t interfere with your daily life.

Teeth Whitening in AustinAnother advantage of the KöR deep bleaching system is that it doesn’t use acids, which can etch the teeth and cause sensitivity. The need for UV light (and heat) is eliminated so there is no drying of the teeth, another factor that may cause unpleasantness during a whitening procedure.

At-home whitening treatments

Teeth Whitening in AustinAlthough professional bleaches are strong, they are also designed to be gentle on your teeth and gums. We offer Zoom Daywhite and Nightwhite for our patients to use at home, and both solutions are formulated with two special ingredients that are known to act as desensitizers. These special ingredients also make your enamel smoother and shinier.

Teeth Whitening Video

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