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Same Day Teeth in Austin

Replace missing teeth in a single day!

Advancements in dental technology allow us to provide you with a new set of teeth in one day, with a series of implanted-supported bridges or with implant-supported dentures. Dr. John Babineau teams up with a trusted dental implant specialist to create natural-looking and fully functional implant-supported restorations.

Personal dental care

Our doctors use high-quality materials, provide knowledgeable service and never cut corners or push unnecessary procedures. We are not a “dental mill” and we are not a franchise. We provide very personalized service in our upscale facility.

With our state-of-the-art equipment and dental techniques, we get the job done right while paying careful attention to your level of comfort.

Experience you can trust

Same Day Teeth

Drs. John and Lori Babineau share over 20 years of experience in providing patients with reliable, durable and aesthetic dental restorations.

Dr. Babineau has been creating beautiful, natural-looking restorations for 20 years. These restorations (porcelain crowns or bridges) cover the implant post via a connector called an abutment. He uses high-quality customized zirconia abutments for your restorations..

Replacing all your teeth

Same Day TeethWe always make every effort to save your natural teeth! However, if teeth need to be extracted to maintain oral health or all your teeth are currently missing, we can provide a series of implant-supported bridges that replace all 32 of your natural teeth.

Complimentary Dental Implant Consultation

Same Day TeethMeet with Dr. Babineau to learn more about the modern options for replacing missing teeth. This special offer includes:

  • Comprehensive oral exam
  • X-rays when needed
  • Consultation with doctor
  • Learn more about dental implants
  • All your questions answered

To make an appointment, call 512.306.8900 or click here to request an appointment online.

What are implant-supported bridges and implant-supported dentures?

Implant-supported bridges and implant-supported dentures are a modern method for replacing several missing teeth or all teeth. Dental implants in combination with bridges or dentures can replace all of your natural teeth and some of the roots.

When patients don’t have enough bone to place implants that will support a series of bridges, we can provide implant-supported dentures. You may keep your existing dentures, or we can create new arches for you. Our doctors use a minimum of six implants when replacing all teeth to provide optimum stability and a comfortable fit.

Benefits of implant-supported bridges and implant-supported dentures

Inserting dental implants offers several benefits that other teeth replacement options do not. Implant-supported bridges and implant-supported dentures are designed to look and function like natural teeth. They are very durable, and much more stable than conventional dentures, allowing you to chew and bite as you normally would.

Because dental implants are inserted to replace missing roots, the bone loss that occurs from missing teeth and roots is reduced.

Learn more about dental implants.

Our process for Same Day Teeth

Initial Consultation

You will begin the process of replacing your missing teeth, (or teeth that will need to be extracted), with an-depth consultation. Dr. Babineau will review the options available to you and outline the pros and cons of each procedure.

Dr. Babineau is known for his excellent communication skills and his ability to explain procedures very clearly. He will listen carefully to you and answer any questions you may have.

Comprehensive examination

Dr. Babineau will conduct a comprehensive examination that includes a review of your dental and medical history, impressions of your teeth for making models and taking X-rays of your mouth.

A CT scan may also be recommended to ensure that enough bone is available to support dental implants. If teeth have not been replaced quickly, bone loss will occur in the jaw below the missing teeth. When this is the case, bone grafting is used to replace the missing bone.

Careful, thorough planning

Drs. Babineau and his partner oral surgeon will review the results of your examination and use this information to thoroughly plan your implantation procedure. Using their combined skill sets and years of experience, they carefully select the areas of jawbone that will provide the most support for the titanium posts so that your series of implant-supported bridges or implant-supported dentures will be very stable, comfortable and function naturally.

Implantation process

Same Day TeethThe oral surgeon skillfully and gently places titanium implant posts into your jawbone using high-tech Straumann implant guides.

After the posts have been inserted, Dr. Babineau will place fully functioning, natural-looking temporary bridges over the implants that same day, so that you can leave our office with a new set of teeth!

Once your dental implants have healed (about three to five months), he will place your beautiful new permanent bridges, fabricated from durable, high-quality porcelain, onto the implants via a connector called an abutment.

Dr. Babineau uses custom zirconia abutments to connect your bridges. The custom shape fits your socket precisely and the tooth-colored zirconia won’t show at your gum line. Zirconia is a highly durable and biocompatible material that will not cause allergic reactions as metal sometimes does.

Now it’s time to enjoy your beautiful new smile!

To make an appointment, call 512.306.8900 or click here to request an appointment online.