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Relaxation Dentistry in Austin

Relaxation Dentistry in Austin

You can relax while watching a movie or listening to music.

Patient comfort is our top priority

At Babineau Dentistry, we pamper you and ensure your comfort during every procedure. We want your dental experience to be positive, and our entire staff is warm, welcoming and friendly.

Amenities to make you feel at home

Relaxation Dentistry in Austin

Our facility is a warm and inviting, with many personal touches.

Our office is pleasant place to be, an environment designed for relaxation. For your comfort we offer aromatherapy, music with headphones, warm blankets, neck pillows and paraffin hand wax treatments that relax your muscles. You can also tune into Netflix to watch your favorite shows.

Do you fear visits to the dentist?

We’ll keep you free from pain.

Many people experience apprehension when going to the dentist – or even thinking about going – which is commonly called “dental phobia.” The Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation estimates that 30% of the population experiences dental phobia. This high level of anxiety can cause people to avoid even the most routine procedures and lead to oral and overall health issues.

Conscious sedation dentistry

Relaxation Dentistry in Austin

We ensure that you are comfortable and relaxed during every procedure.

Our goal is for you to maintain your teeth for life by receiving the dental care you need. We want you to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible during dental procedures of any kind. In addition to our spa-like amenities, we offer conscious sedation dentistry.

We provide conscious sedation for patients who are anxious or undergoing longer procedures. Oral sedatives are given to induce a relaxed state of light dozing, although you are still completely conscious and able to be woken at any time. Many patients report no vivid memory of the procedure, feeling as if they simply took a nap. A member of our team will be with you during the entire procedure to ensure that you are comfortable and relaxed.

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