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One-Visit Porcelain Veneers in Austin

One-Visit Porcelain Veneers in Austin

Natural-looking, Durable Restorations

One-Visit Porcelain Veneers in AustinHaving a great smile can boost your self-confidence, and porcelain veneers are one of easiest and fastest ways to improve your smile.

They are a very thin sheath of porcelain that is placed over the front of the tooth to correct imperfections such as staining, chipping, small gaps and mildly crooked teeth. In addition to correcting flaws, porcelain veneers can also protect damaged teeth from further harm.

Our doctors have achieved advanced certification for the Lumineer procedure and have over twenty years of experience placing veneers for our patients. In 2012, Dr. John Babineau was also a guest lecturer at an advanced training course featuring Cerinate and Lumineer restorations. This is experience you can trust!

One-Visit Veneers with E4D CAD/CAM technology

One-Visit Porcelain Veneers in Austin

Veneers created right in our office in about an hour.

In addition to placing Lumineers, we use E4D technology to create porcelain veneers in a single visit. The E4D system allows Drs. Lori and John Babineau to design and mill your veneers right in our office, so there’s no need to send out to a lab and wait for the restorations to be made.

Since they are created in the office during your visit, we are able to customize your veneers immediately, ensuring that the color, size and shape blend in beautifully with your other teeth.

Minimal or no-prep Lumineers

One-Visit Porcelain Veneers in Austin

Lumineers are about the same size as a contact lens.

When placing other veneers that are thicker than Lumineers, the surface of the tooth needs to be shaved to accommodate the added bulk. Wafer-thin Lumineers don’t require much, if any, preparation of the tooth’s surface and anesthetic shots are not required for the procedure.

Since porcelain reflects light in the same manner as tooth enamel, your new smile will look quite natural. Porcelain is also resistant to staining and will remain beautiful for many years.

Complimentary Cosmetic Consultation

One-Visit Porcelain Veneers in AustinWe want to help you to have the smile that you desire and deserve! We offer a complimentary consultation outlining cosmetic procedures that includes the following.

  • Discuss your smile goals with the doctor
  • Receive a smile analysis
  • Preview your smile options with SNAP! digital imaging software
  • Explore our state-of-the-art technology
  • Receive a plan for treatment
  • The doctor will answer your cosmetic questions

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Conditions Porcelain Veneers can correct

Veneers are a popular choice because they can quickly and painlessly correct or change many common conditions with very natural-looking results.

  • Stained, dark or yellow teeth – Veneers can be used if whitening procedures aren’t enough to change the discoloration, i.e., tetracycline staining
  • Fillings that are stained or discolored
  • Fix gaps between teeth
  • Crooked teeth – In minor cases, veneers can be an alternative to braces
  • Misshapen teeth or teeth with chipped or broken edges – Veneers can create a uniform tooth shape
  • Pitted surfaces – Veneers can provide a smooth surface

Before & Afters

Smile Gallery - Veneers

Smile Gallery - Veneers

Smile Gallery - Veneers

Smile Gallery - Veneers

See more before and after images in our Smile Gallery

Dental Bonding

One-Visit Porcelain Veneers in Austin

Dental bonding provides a quick fix for minor flaws.

Dental bonding provides a quick fix for some of the conditions that veneers can correct. The tooth or teeth are covered with a dental composite that is hardened with a UV light. Once the material has set, Dr. Babineau will sculpt and smooth the surface to create a restoration that matches your other teeth.

Although dental bonding can provide good results, it is not considered to be a desirable long-term solution as it stains more easily and is not as durable as porcelain veneers.

Porcelain Veneers Video

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