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Invisalign Teen Clear Teeth Straightening in Austin

Invisalign Teen Clear Teeth Straightening in Austin

Smile confidently without metal or sharp wires!

The teen years are often filled with lasting images – yearbook photos, selfies, prom photos, sports photos and more. At Babineau Dentistry, we understand how important it is for teens to feel confident about their smile. We offer Invisalign Teen clear teeth straightening as a less noticeable alternative to traditional metal braces.

The Invisalign Teen treatment uses a series of custom clear plastic trays (aligners) that fit snugly, yet comfortably over your teeth to gradually and gently straighten your smile. Best of all, the aligners are virtually invisible, and many times people won’t even notice that you’re wearing them.

Invisalign Teen has been proven to be effective as traditional braces for most cases. Six replacement aligners are included with the Invisalign Teen treatment.

Free Invisalign Consultation
& Free iPad mini when you start full treatment

Invisalign Teen Clear Teeth Straightening in AustinWe want our patients to experience the health and beauty benefits associated with a straight smile. Dr. John Babineau offers a complimentary consultation for those considering the Invisalign procedure. The consultation includes:

  • Thorough exam
  • Necessary X-rays
  • Consultation with doctor
  • Review teeth straightening options
  • Get your questions answered
  • Free iPad mini when you begin Invisalign Full treatment and Invisalign Teen (does not apply to Invisalign Express)

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Advantages of Invisalign Teen over traditional metal braces

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Metal braces are not only uncomfortable and unattractive, they can be a real problem if you play sports or a musical instrument. Invisalign clear aligners are removable, so there’s no need to worry about getting a nasty cut on your lip while honing your skills on the sax or taking a ball to the mouth during a game.

There are many dietary restrictions when wearing metal braces from yesteryear. With Invisaglign, you can still eat the foods you love. Just pop out your trays and enjoy corn on the cob, order popcorn at the movies or bite into a crunchy apple.

Invisalign TeenHow Invisalign works

Wave goodbye to metal and wires

Invisalign is the modern approach to straightening teeth. A series of aligners made of smooth, comfortable and virtually invisible plastic are created specifically for you. The aligner trays fit snugly over your teeth and gradually shift your teeth into place. Because the clear aligners can be taken out, you can easily maintain your oral health (and fresh breath) by brushing and flossing as you normally would.

Don’t lose sleep over a lost aligner

The Invisalign Teen treatment includes six free replacement aligners. If an aligner is lost, give us a call and we’ll get a replacement for you right away.

Keeping treatment time to a minimum

For the best results in a timely manner, your custom aligners need to be worn 20 to 22 hours per day. Aligners are equipped with built-in blue indicators that fade over time when used as directed. These indicators help you, your parents and your dentist track compliance to be sure that the aligners are being worn for the necessary period of time each day.

Planning your treatment

Invisalign TeenThe doctor takes digital X-rays, photos and impressions of your teeth, which Invisalign uses to create digital 3D images of your teeth. They then uses these images to map out a precise treatment plan that includes plotting the exact movements your teeth. Although the length of time it takes to straighten teeth varies between individuals, treatment time is usually about twelve months.

Custom aligners based on your treatment plan

Invisalign TeenThe doctor forwards your individual treatment plan to Invisalign and a series of custom-made, clear, BPA-free aligners are created for you. The aligners are smooth and won’t irritate your cheeks or gums the way metal braces often do. The doctor will show you how to use your new aligners and answer all your questions.

Gradually straightening your teeth

You’ll be changing your aligners approximately every two weeks, with each new set advancing you to the next stage of the treatment. You’ll come in to our office every four to six weeks so that we can keep an eye on your progress.

Conditions Dr. Babineau can fix with Invisalign

Invisalign treatment can fix a wide variety of problems with teeth and bite alignment. Mild cases of crooked teeth as well as much more difficult problems involving serious bite issues can be corrected with the clear plastic aligner trays.

Here are some of the main conditions we can fix with Invisalign:

Overly crowded

Invisalign TeenCrowded teeth can be difficult to clean the teeth properly. Lack of proper oral care can promote tooth decay and cause a higher risk of gum disease.


Invisalign TeenAn overbite can cause excessive wear on the lower teeth, gum irritations and can also cause jaw problems.


Invisalign TeenThis occurs when the bottom teeth protrude beyond the upper teeth and can interfere with the normal function of front teeth and molars, and can lead to jaw problems.

Gaps in Teeth

Invisalign TeenGaps can cause teeth to shift into the empty spaces and become loose because the dental arch is not as secure. Food and bacteria are easily trapped in gaps and increase the risk for tooth decay and gum disease.

Open Bite

Invisalign TeenAn open bite can interfere with chewing and can cause speech impairment and jaw problems.


Invisalign TeenThis is a symptom of jaw misalignment, which can cause worn-down teeth, gum disease or both.

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