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Gum Disease Treatment in Austin

Gum Disease Treatment

Our hygienists can perform gum disease treatment using the ilase dental laser.

High-tech, comfortable Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease is at the top of the list of the causes of tooth loss in the U.S. so arresting and eliminating gum disease is of primary importance to us. Our hygienists are great at eliminating mild to moderate gum disease. And we partner with an excellent periodontist (a specialist in treating periodontal disease) for treating severe gum disease.

DNA testing for Gum Disease

Gum Disease Treatment Over the past ten years, research has shown that genetics contribute to a person’s susceptibility to gum disease. OralDNA Labs provides our hygienists with a valuable tool, salivary DNA testing, to obtain precise information about the presence of periodontal disease in your mouth.

Severe periodontal disease causes chronic inflammation and has been linked to other diseases such as diabetes, strokes and heart disease. As we continue to learn more about the connection between gum disease and overall health, having information about the specific bacteria present in your mouth can be vital to treating gum disease and improving overall health.

Comfortable Gum Disease Treatment

Since gum disease is one of the most common causes of tooth loss in the general population, and the most common cause in people over 35, preventing and treating it is a top priority. Our hygienists are very skilled with employing procedures that help eliminate mild to moderate gum disease.

Causes of gum disease

Gum Disease Treatment Plaque is the sticky, colorless film of bacteria that forms on teeth. Carbohydrates that are left on the teeth provide fuel for the naturally occurring bacteria, resulting in the production of acids. Over time, acids destroy tooth enamel and tooth decay may result.

Plaque can be removed by brushing and flossing, but if left unchecked, can harden into calculus. In addition to inadequate oral care, certain medications, genetics and smoking may also contribute to plaque buildup and calculus.

Calculus, also referred to as tartar, forms on both the root and crown of a tooth. The rough texture of calculus irritates the root and causes it to separate from the gum, allowing a pocket to form.

Periodontal Exam

Periodontal exams and charting give us the information we need to evaluate your overall oral health. We note any changes in your gum tissue and record the amount of plaque present.

Our hygienists also take periodontal measurements of your gums to check for gum recession and pockets that may form between teeth and gums. When pockets are larger than three millimeters, gum disease is likely to be present and a deep cleaning is in order.

Laser gum treatment

Gum Disease Treatment

Our doctors explain the benefits of laser dentistry for treating gum disease.

Our hygienists use an iLase soft tissue laser to disinfect gum pockets that have become inflamed or infected. The health benefits from cleaning and disinfecting together are proving to be more beneficial than either procedure alone.

If laser gum surgery is needed, then Drs. Babineau are able to perform this breakthrough in treatment. It is no longer always necessary to need surgery with a scalpel to treat the early stages of gum disease. A tiny laser fiber, about the thickness of a tooth brush bristle, is placed between the tooth and the gum and the infection is cleared away using the power of light energy.

Scaling and root planing

Scaling and root planing, also known as deep cleaning, are the first steps used to treat mild to moderate gum disease. During the scaling and planing process, your hygienist will gently and skillfully remove hardened dental plaque from your teeth with hand tools and an ultrasonic scaler.

To discourage bacteria from growing, the roots of your roots will be “planed” to smooth the surface. Since it’s difficult for bacteria to adhere to the freshly smoothed surfaces, your gums can regenerate without further irritation. The gum tissue will subsequently shrink, tighten, and reattach to the teeth.

Ultrasonic scaler for maximum comfort and effectiveness

Ultrasonic scalers are used in addition to hand tools to gently and effectively remove stubborn plaque and heavy stains from the surface of your teeth. The vibrations of the ultrasonic scaler produce inaudible sound waves that break apart plaque that has hardened.

Eliminating the bacteria

Gum Disease Treatment ARESTIN® therapy contains tiny microspheres filled with a powerful, time-release antibiotic. These microspheres are placed exactly where you need them, between the teeth and gums, to help eliminate any bacteria that may remain after a scaling and planing procedure.

Treating Severe Gum Disease

When gum disease has progressed to the point of not responding deep cleaning, we will refer you to a periodontist, (a specialist in gum disease treatment). Our specialist will provide treatment in our office for severe cases of gum disease.

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