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Allergy Topical Cream

Allergy Topical Cream

Compounded Allergy Medications: Survive Central Texas Allergies

Allergy Topical CreamWith Austin being one of the allergy capitals, many individuals are taking OTC and Rx allergy meds that create dry mouth (xerostomia). Dry mouth is associated with gum disease, tooth decay, root surface decay, bad breath, uncontrolled diabetes, difficulty in chewing and swallowing, snoring and sensitive teeth.

We are excited to announce that Babineau Dentistry is now offering Topical Creams for Allergies!

Benefits of Topical Creams for

  • Allergy Topical CreamFree of problem-causing non-active ingredients
  • Transdermal delivery avoids side effects
  • Decrease of gastro-intestinal irritation
  • Quickly provides measurable relief for symptoms
  • Avoid cost and inconvenience of intravenous, injections
  • Easy dosage delivery for children and patients with problems swallowing

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